I never felt so beautiful…

An testimony from a pregnant, previously strong pro-abortion woman who asked to remain anonymous…

I was always pro-abortion, perhaps, to an extent most people would balk at. I was diagnosed sterile, and was on the pill. In the past 7 months, I’ve drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes, used drugs, and also gotten into multiple fights.

I just found out I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant three days ago after getting an ultrasound due to heavy constipation. (They thought I had an impacted/dysfunctional bowel after I suffered six kicks to the ribs, and two to the stomach.) I had no sign of pregnancy prior. At all. I’m not even showing yet.

And, amazingly, it was a healthy baby according to the ultrasound.

Normally, I would have aborted it immediately, and my first choice was actually abortion. Legally, I found out, I couldn’t have one at 29 or 30 weeks. I panicked. I can’t keep the child in my home due to the fact that there are people I do not feel comfortable having near a baby. But then I sat with my boyfriend, talked to the family that wants to adopt it, and started bawling my eyes out after they just all held me or talked to me and told me how much they loved me and/or the baby.

I never felt so beautiful.
I never felt so happy.
I never felt so completely and utterly peaceful.
I never wanted to change my life for the better so badly in my life.

If I had aborted, the most beautiful moment I ever had in my life would never have come. I would still be perfectly content downing bottle after bottle of vodka. I would still not care about my life or my career or my health. I would still be happy fighting and dealing with shady people. I would be a total, complete feral moron who likely would have ended up in jail for something awful.

Being a mom…even if it’s to a baby that you have to give up, is such a life-changing event. Pregnancy has brought me more joy than I thought I could possibly experience as a human being.