How our “Heaven Sent” campaign came about!

Dear Pro-life Friends,

About a year ago, my cousin Tom from Arizona, sent out an urgent email to family and friends requesting prayers for his recently-born grandson. Baby Grayson was born – not at the 40-week gestational age as most babies are – but at a delicate 24 weeks and 4 days. Weighing in at one pound, ten ounces and only 12.5 inches in length, his survival was precarious and uncertain. Thanks to the prayers of many, and the skillful care of the attending hospital staff, Baby Grayson just celebrated his first birthday and is now a healthy 17 pounds and 27 inches in height! Miracles happen.

Sadly, there are abortion centers that “specialize” in performing ‘late-term’ abortions on babies as old and older than Baby Grayson was at 24 weeks. All the more reason to renew our resolve to spread life-saving messages.

When Tom sent one of his email updates, he tagged the photo of thriving Baby Grayson as “Heaven Sent!” – and that he is. When I shared the story and photo with our Creative Team, all agreed it captured the essence of PROLIFE Across AMERICA’s next Billboard theme. Our “Heaven Sent” Billboards and ads, featuring Babies Genevieve, Angelica, Conrad and Rosalie, will be a tender reminder of the sacredness and beauty of every baby, born and preborn.

As always, we can’t launch this newest outreach without your prayers and support. Please pray that our ads change hearts and save babies and mothers from the gruesome act of legal abortion. Our Goal in 2021 is 10,000 Billboards across America, in addition to Radio and TV Streaming ads, as well as ads on the internet. Can you help us reach our Goal?

Thank you and may God bless you,

Mary Ann Kuharski