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Like-us-on-facebook-billboard-prolife Share a Baby’s Development Fact Card and help educate others with the facts to support that Life truly begins at Conception!  Print out and give to friends, hang up on church, school & community bulletin boards.

Like us on Facebook (& share us with your friends!)– this social media platform is an excellent way for us to build a community of pro-life fans where we can ask for prayers when someone calls our hotline for help, learn new pro-life news, participate in polls and more.

Host a Fundraiser-– bake sales, car washes,  garage sales, pancake breakfasts, etc– every little bit helps!  Show your support by gathering a group of people or youth group to host an event to benefit our pro-life organization. Check out some pro-life fundraising ideas.

Spot one of our Billboards?  We want to hear from you! Tell us about it by filling out our contact form or sharing with the Facebook community!

Invite a Speaker — our family & life speakers are available for events. Suggest us for your next women’s, church, banquet event!

Meet & Greet to Your Area — We are currently “on the road” promoting the pro-life message and would love to visit your area! Help arrange a short presentation or come to a Meet & Greet in your neighborhood. Learn more!

Display a Jack’s Mini on your Private Property— have farm land or other private property? Consider a Jack’s Mini billboard to show-off on your property and be the envy of all your neighbors!

Give– we can only continue our mission with the support of donors like you!  Consider giving a one-time or monthly donation and remember PROLIFE Across AMERICA in your will.

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