Our History

Changing Hearts and Saving Babies’ Lives

Founded In 1989

PROLIFE Across AMERICA was founded in 1989 as PROLIFE MINNESOTA by John and Mary Ann Kuharski, with their partners Dorothy and Mike Fleming. They realized a need in the pro-life movement to use mass media to educate the public about life before birth, and also to provide a link to the pro-life pregnancy support resources that were already available.

First Billboard

In 1990, PROLIFE MINNESOTA sponsored their first Billboard campaign, with 42 Billboards in Minnesota. The Billboards featured a simple message: “A Baby is a Baby – heartbeat 24 days from conception!”

ProLife Minnesota Goes National

For the first 10 years, PROLIFE MINNESOTA’s outreach focused on sponsoring ads in Minnesota. However, numerous supporters and groups started asking for Billboards to be sponsored in their home state.

In 1999, PROLIFE MINNESOTA’s name was officially changed to PROLIFE Across AMERICA to reflect the group’s increasing national outreach.

Billboards and So Much More

Today PROLIFE Across AMERICA’s outreach includes Billboards, Radio Ads, Web Ads, and Streaming Ads – all of these are designed to reach those in need of pregnancy information and alternatives to abortion. Every ad features our 800# Hotline for Help, which provides callers with free confidential counseling and connects them to a pro-life agency in their local area where they can receive assistance.

This year, we sponsored approximately 10,500 Billboards in 46 states throughout the country, and hundreds of Web, Radio and Streaming Ads. This is all thanks to our supporters! We wouldn’t be able to spread the truth and reach those in need without their help.

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