From a WI Pro-Life Supporter


We are so very blessed to have such awesome donors!  Here is a letter we recently received from a Wisconsin Supporter:
“In talking with a good friend about which charitable organizations to donate to as a thanks for all that God has given us, we decided that PROLIFE Across AMERICA is a win-win on all accounts:
• PROLIFE Across AMERICA puts human life first and foremost – not animals, not the environment. As long as we choose to end the life of the innocent, all other causes are of little value. We must first choose and value human life. Then we can spend time and money working for other things. And possible, if we as a society chose to value life first and foremost, tragic shootings (like the school shooting in Conn) would never happen.
• PROLIFE Across AMERICA helps the totally innocent. They help the mother keep from making the biggest mistake she will ever make in her life and helps a mother heal from the mistake she made.
• PROLIFE Across AMERICA helps those hurt by abortion find healing resources – whether it’s the mother, father, family or friend.
And so little money is used for administration. So keep up the excellent and most important work!”
Thank you S.S. from Wisconsin! Our mission is only possible because of support from folks like YOU!