Celebrating 30 Years!

PROLIFE Across AMERICA is celebrating 30 Years!

In commemoration of our 30th year, we’re sharing a bit of history on PROLIFE Across AMERICA, and how the Holy Spirit lifted a ‘kitch- en table’ project called PROLIFE MINNESOTA, and expanded it into a life-saving outreach in cities and states across the nation:

  • 1989: PROLIFE MINNESOTA began in Northeast Minneapolis at the home of John and Mary Ann Kuharski, with partners, Dorothy and Mike Fleming. Numerous pro-life groups were already in existence, but none focused solely on using mass media to educate the public and to provide a link to pro-life pregnancy support groups and adoption resources.
  • 1990: First Billboard Campaign – 42 Billboards in Minnesota, featuring a simple mes- sage in black and white: “A Baby is a Baby – heartbeat 24 days from conception!” (Note: Medical technology now proves a baby’s heart beats as early as 18 days).
    • 2 weeks later: First baby saved from a scheduled abortion: “I couldn’t drive by that Billboard on my way to work and go through with it”
    • Second Billboard Campaign featured 76 Billboards (in color)
  • 1992: First TV commercials aired on local Minnesota stations. TV commercials only ran a few years, due to high costs and more response generated from Billboard outreach.
  • 1997: First Radio commercials aired
  • 1997: Billboard outreach increases: Nearly 500 Billboards throughout Minnesota. Each Billboard now featured a newborn baby photo, along with our 800# Hotline for Help. Previously, Billboards had a sketch of a baby in the womb. Calls for help increased.
  • 1999: Name change to PROLIFE Across AMERICA, to re ect our increasing national outreach
  • 2002: 1,800 Billboards placed in 26 states
  • 2006: 5,000 Billboards placed in 41 states, and Radio Ads began to run nationally
  • 2011: 6,000 Billboards were placed in 42 states
  • 2013: Web Ad Campaign launched to reach people online. Emails requesting help signi – cantly increased
  • 2014: Received 4-Star rating with Charity Navigator. This is the highest rating a charity can receive from the independent charity evaluator
  • 2015: Record-breaking number of Billboards sponsored: 8,775 Billboards in 46 states!
  • Present: On average, we place 7,500 Billboards each year, depending on funds, and hundreds of Web Ads and Radio Ads.

Throughout these 30 Years, PROLIFE Across AMERICA has always relied on individual donors – we’ve never received any government grants or large foundation support. Our faithful supporters have made this possible!