A few of our most urgent crisis calls – Please Pray!

Below are a few 800# helpline calls we received recently.

We ask for your prayers for these women, men and families! (Names have been abbreviated for confidentiality)

  • S from Portland, OR called seeking pregnancy advice saying, “I made a terrible mistake. I should have known better. I got mixed up and now I’m pregnant. I know abortion is wrong but I’m so scared to think of what my parents will think of me.”
  • Pittsburgh, PA caller is 30 weeks pregnant and in need of pregnancy help.
  • A & B in Atlanta, GA are married and expecting a baby but headed to have an abortion. They spotted our Billboard and called, “Is there any help for maternity care and medical services?”
  • “Abortion ruined my life. I cannot live this way anymore.”
  • “Do you know of any bible study to help with abortion? I had 3 in my early 20s and now am going through menopause and having terrible guilt and shame.”