Family & Life Speakers

Family & Life Speakers

Our renowned, national speakers are available for your PRO-life, PRO-family, PRO-parenting, PRO-prayer events- churches, groups, conferences, television, radio- we’ve done it all. Contact us for more information or to schedule a speaker in your area!

Mary Kuharski 2011

Our most requested speaker, Mary Ann Kuharski, is PROLIFE Across AMERICA’s director and author.  She is known for being able to relate to groups of all ages, in a variety of settings from retreats to auditoriums and has appeared on nationally syndicated talk & radio. She approaches audiences with humor, prayer and grace.
Mary Ann’s Bio

Suggested Topics:
Raising Christian Children with Humor and Prayer in a Secular Culture
Marriage and Parenthood – a Vocational Call
Wanted: Grandmas, Grandpas and Extended Family -Needed NOW more than ever
Parenting Upstream – When “All the Other Moms’ say it’s OK
The Joy of being a Lady
Day of Reflection – for Women: Prayer – Letting our Lights Shine

Michelle Steele, teen speaker

Michelle is married to Dave for 23 years and is the mother of 8 children. She has been speaking for PROLIFE Across AMERICA for over 16 years and specializes on teen chastity and pro-life. Michelle graduated from the Catechetical Institute in 2013 and was a high-school religion teacher for 14 years.

Some of her speaking engagements have included guest speaker on Relevant Radio, cable TV appearances, and NFP & Theology of the body speaker for the Archdiocese of St. Paul.


Check out some clips of Mary Ann speaking>>

Mary Ann Kuharski on Large Families:

Mary Ann with Parenting Tips:

Mary Ann on the Pro-life Movement:

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