Dear Friends,

A generous supporter has offered a Matching Gift of up to $30,000! The Gift takes effect immediately and expires on April 1. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to double your donation and help PROLIFE Across AMERICA launch a new and far-reaching Special Campaign. Here’s why:

Several states (including New York, Virginia, and New Mexico) have proposed laws to significantly expand abortion “rights” – not just through all nine months of pregnancy – but even aftera baby is born. Yes sadly, afterbirth!

Pleasehelp us combat this aggressive drive to promote and expand the evil of abortion, by helping to broadcast the Truth through our Billboards, Radio Ads, and Web Ads. If we don’t do it – who will?

Thanks to this Matching Gift donor, we are preparing to launch the most expansive and far-reaching Billboard and Ad Campaign yet. But we need Your help. 

Each Billboard costs between $650 to $3,500, depending on the location. Please help us launch our Special Life-Saving Campaign. No donation is too small.

Our Billboards and Internet Ads may be the only visible sign of hope and help to someone on the brink of an abortion decision. Our 800# Hotline for Help connects callers with needed help – be it pregnancy information, confidential counseling, medical care, or post-abortion assistance.

If you can’t give at this time, please pray for this Special Campaign. Prayer works miracles! As abortion proponents push for expansion to include the gruesome act of infanticide, let us pray for them, for the mothers and babies, and for PROLIFE Across AMERICA, that our ads will combat evil with the Truth – touching hearts and saving babies’ lives.

With Your help, we can do it! Thank you and may God bless you,

Mary Ann Kuharski

P.S. Remember, every $1 donated turns into $2 with this Matching Gift!