Pro-Life FAQs

I’m pregnant, can you help?
Is my baby really a baby or just tissue?
Are you an adoption agency?
I’ve had an abortion and need help, where can I go?
Are there PROLIFE Across AMERICA Billboards in my area?
Why Billboards?
Why support PROLIFE Across AMERICA?
How is the money I donate spent?
Is PROLIFE Across AMERICA a political organization?
What can I do to bring PROLIFE Across AMERICA billboards to my area?
I have some property and would like to put up a billboard. How do I go about it?
What type of billboards does PROLIFE Across AMERICA sponsor?
How can I get my baby on a PROLIFE Across AMERICA billboard?
I’d like to host a youth fundraiser, what should I do?
Why don’t you use stronger words like abortion & killing in your ads or graphic images?

I’m pregnant, can you help?

Yes, get the pregnancy support you need by calling our hotline now at 1-800-366-7773 or contact us online.  All calls are completely confidential and are answered by trained professionals who can help educate, provide facts and counseling.  Before making a life-changing decision, contact us.

Is my baby really a baby or just tissue?

A baby’s heart begins to beat 18 days from conception and they are able to feel pain by 10 weeks– life begins at conception. Learn more about your baby’s development.

Are you an adoption agency?
PROLIFE Across AMERICA is not an adoption agency. Our goal is to promote the concept of adoption and bring awareness to the fact that in America today, there are over 2 million couples waiting to adopt-and that includes children of all races and those with special needs. (This information from the National Council for Adoption).
For information on an adoption agency in your area, contact:
National Council for Adoption: 703-299-6633 or online at:

I’ve had an abortion and need help, where can I go? 
There are many good organizations offering confidential counseling and post-abortion
assistance. For example:
• Project Rachel:             1-888-456-HOPE       |
• National Life Center:             1-800-848-LOVE       (5683) |
• Conquerors – Minneapolis/St Paul:             612-866-7643
• Marion Project (Catholic) – Minneapolis/St. Paul:             651-291-4515

Are there PROLIFE Across AMERICA Billboards in my area?

Our billboards have appeared in 44 states and three small areas of Ontario, Canada as well.
What began initially in 1989, as a Minnesota organization is expanding and growing – thanks
to the enthusiasm and support of people across the country. We are solely dependent upon
donations received from our supporters. Our ultimate goal is to have PROLIFE Across AMERICA
billboards in all 50 states, but funding is critical. If our billboards are not in your area, it is
because the funds are just not there. In other words, we need your help!

Why Billboards?

As Americans we find ourselves on the road to and from work, stuck in traffic, heading out of town, running errands, etc. Typically we drive the same paths day in and day out. When we place our message on highways and byways we are able to be a visual reminder, an educational outreach with our important messages. These larger than life messages not only educate but also provide a hotline for those in need.

Best of all, it’s proven to work! We have received numerous calls from those who have seen our billboards and are affected by the innocence of a baby’s photo and a factual message. From a trucker whose girlfriend was pregnant to a lawyer whose wife had an abortion scheduled to a couple who found themselves stranded on the side of the road without gas (directly under our billboard!) — all chose life after seeing our billboards. Babies saved!

Why support PROLIFE Across AMERICA?

There are many good Pro-Life organizations currently which provide resources to women in need– counseling, ultrasounds, after delivery help, post-abortive assistance and more. PROLIFE Across AMERICA’s role in the pro-life movement is to reach and educate those in need– to help change hearts. Having the resources available for women is essential, but we need to let the public know that these resources are out there. This is where our Billboards and radio ads are essential — we are able to give facts, and an 800# to call so that someone in need will know there are resources available, so that they can be educated by facts and get help from pro-life resources. PROLIFE Across AMERICA is one of the most costly arms of the pro-life movement – we’re pouring hard-earned dollars into advertising, but this outreach has proven to change hearts and save lives.

See what others are saying about PROLIFE Across AMERICA:

“In talking with a good friend about which charitable organizations to donate to as a thanks for all that God has given us, we decided that PROLIFE Across AMERICA is a win-win on all accounts:
• PROLIFE Across AMERICA puts human life first and foremost – not animals, not the environment. As long as we choose to end the life of the innocent, all other causes are of little value. We must first choose and value human life. Then we can spend time and money working for other things. And possible, if we as a society chose to value life first and foremost, tragic shootings (like the school shooting in Conn) would never happen.
• PROLIFE Across AMERICA helps the totally innocent. They help the mother keep from making the biggest mistake she will ever make in her life and helps a mother heal from the mistake she made.
• PROLIFE Across AMERICA helps those hurt by abortion find healing resources – whether it’s the mother, father, family or friend.
And so little money is used for administration. So keep up the excellent and most important work!” (Wisconsin supporter)
Read more testimonials.

How is the money I donate spent?

Here’s where your dollars go at PROLIFE Across AMERICA.

Is PROLIFE Across AMERICA a political organization?

No, PROLIFE Across AMERICA is totally educational, non-profit, non-political and tax-deductible.

What can I do to bring PROLIFE Across AMERICA billboards to my area?

The average cost of a billboard is $500 to $3000 per month – depending upon the size of
the billboard and the number of people who will see the ad on a frequent basis (artwork and
production costs not included).

Here’s what you can do to help:

    • Send your donation. Whatever you can give is greatly appreciated.
    • Tell your friends, your pastor and church group about PROLIFE Across AMERICA’S educational outreach. Invite them to join in this life-saving effort. (We would be happy to provide an 8 minute CD which gives a short pictorial view and summary of our pro-life Media Mission .) We would also be happy to send additional brochures with envelopes describing this pro-life effort which you could make available to others.
    • Invite one of our speakers to your next event. So often, our billboards come to a region because the someone there heard a PROLIFE Across AMERICA speaker and learned about the life-saving effect of the billboards. (Every ad features our 800# Hotline for Help which connects callers in need of alternatives to abortion, adoption information, or post-abortion assistance to the help they need).
    • Show our educational material to your pastor. Ask if he would be interested in making it available (on pamphlet racks etc.) to the people in your church. We have some excellent brochures available.
    • Last and most important, please pray for the Media Mission of PROLIFE Across AMERICA.

I have some property and would like to put up a billboard. How do I go about it?

Jack’s Mini Billboards may be just what you’re looking for. Jack can be contacted through our office ( 612-781-0410 ). He is in charge of the Mini Billboard Program. Presently there are over 300 Mini Billboards on private property. The boards are durable and last for several years. Jack also offers simple “how to” instructions on building the frame for each Mini Billboard.

Also available:
Jack’s Mini Posters: 32″ x 48″
Hand held signs: 18″ x 24″
Banners: 4′ x 8′

What type of billboards does PROLIFE Across AMERICA sponsor?

      • Most billboards sponsored by PROLIFE Across AMERICA are with commercial advertising
        companies. The two types of commercial boards we sponsor are:

        1. 12’ x 24’ (30 sheet) Posters – made of paper which generally lasts from one to three months. The poster paper ads generally cost $175.00*
        2. Vinyl Bulletins – sizes vary from 6′ x 12′ to 14′ x 50′ These vinyl ads are designed to last for several years. Vinyl is more costly but will last longer – and does require a lengthier contract with an ad agency.

        *These costs are for the poster paper and vinyl production only
        and do not include costs incurred for artwork, photography, shipping,
        nor the monthly rental fee charged by the commercial advertising agency

How can I get my baby on a PROLIFE Across AMERICA billboard?

We are happy to consider your baby for possible use on our billboards or ads, however, we are under specific regulations regarding the use of baby photos.

The following requirements must be met in order for us to consider using a submitted photo:

* The baby must be a child of donors to PROLIFE Across AMERICA. This is a small “thank you” to those who help make this life-saving outreach possible.
* All photos must be taken professionally (snapshots are too difficult for billboard presentation). No dark backgrounds or anything too busy in color.
* All photos must have a photo release from the photographer and the permission of both parents. Advertisers are very strict about copyright infringement and we must comply.
* The parents of the baby must be in a heterosexual marriage. As stated in our mission statement, we base our beliefs on Biblical principles and Roman Catholic teaching, hence, we believe that God created marriage to be exclusively the union of one man and one woman, and that intimate sexual activity is to occur exclusively within that union.
* All photos should be of infants nine months or younger – not toddlers or older children.
* Printed copies of the photos must be submitted, and should be sent in duplicate (3×5 or 4×6). (If you have a disc or digital files of the photos, it may be needed later if the photo is chosen to be used, but printed copies must be initially submitted.)

All photos that meet these guidelines will be saved for possible use later in a billboard display, on a mini billboard, or for our brochures and mailings. There is currently a one- to two-year wait list for submitted baby photos to be used.

I’d like to host a youth fundraiser, what should I do?

In the past we’ve had many different types of youth fundraisers. Here are a couple ideas you could consider:
1. Bake sale – works best to hold it at the school on an Open House or Parents Visit Day or at church after mass.
2. Car wash
3. Baby Bottle fundraiser (kids bring home the bottle and put spare change/dollars inside for a week) – have grades compete against each other – -or boys vs girls. Bottles might even be donated – if they request from Wal Mart, Target or local store.
4. Corn on the cob, pumpkin, squash sale – in rural areas to local churches on Sunday after services.
5. Carnival- games, prizes.
6. Pancakes for Life- kids host a breakfast event
7. Bagging groceries at a local supermarket and raise funds through tips
These are just a few ideas. It can also be fun to let your class/group vote or come up with additional ideas! After the event we are happy to send fact cards for all the kids, pens and a video you could share as our thank you!

Contact us with additional questions or help support this life-saving mission!

Our organization is committed to bringing positive, persuasive pro-life message to help foster a Culture of Life. We have found that people respond very well to smiling and sleeping babies with positive and educational facts. Our simple messages have helped change the hearts of fathers, friends, and grandparents and also help a women in need comfortable with calling our confidential 800 helpline.

In addition we are unable to use words like abortion, killing, etc or any graphic images because of billboard, newspaper & radio company restrictions. Even with our current positive messages we sometimes have trouble with media outlets who will not use our ads because they are deemed controversial.

Please pray (& give if you are able!) for our mission, that we are able to continue to promote Life via the media.