I had an abortion, they told me it was just tissue…”

I was 17, in my senior year of high school and discovered I was pregnant. I went to Planned Parenthood for help.  They told me it was just a blob of tissue– nothing more than a bunch of cells. Not only that but they said having an abortion was  much safer than giving birth. I scheduled the procedure without knowing about all my options and without learning the facts about my unborn baby.

I was about 8 -9 weeks along and now know that this “blob of cells” had a heartbeat, eyes, ears & a tongue. It was already starting to move inside of me, even though I couldn’t yet feel it.  It’s still my biggest regret…. that I didn’t choose life for my unborn baby and place her/him with a loving adoptive couple.  I hope all women and fathers will realize that life starts the moment from conception, that your baby is exactly that- a baby and I hope you will choose life for your child. -Signed Jane

I’m 11 weeks pregnant & single, it would just be easier to have an abortion but I want to know all my options…”

About a year and a half ago, I found myself in the throes of a divorce. Lonely and a single mother of one beautiful child, I found myself in the arms of a man who said he loved me. I ran to his arms to soften the hurt and pain of my divorce. For a few months, it was thrilling and exciting… until I found myself standing over a pregnancy test with a positive sign. I’m 40, a professional, educated woman… dating a man who was well-educated. We should know better! It didn’t take long after I told him, for him to rush out of my life.

I was honestly conflicted! Me, a committed Christian now pregnant, and alone. It would be so easy to end this pregnancy, no one would know, I would not have to live in the embarrassment… but every day on my way to work I drive by Pro-Life signs that remind me this is a life, a child. My mistakes with this man do not take away from the humanity of the child growing in me.

I am now almost 11 weeks pregnant and will keep this child. I have a community surrounding me with support (I humbly report!). I wanted to tell you how your billboards impact me every day when I see them.  -Signed Nancy

*The identities of Jane and Nancy were removed for their protection.

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