baby-VeronicaI’m eager to share the most recent Kuharski News: For this, I could use a drum roll and confetti fan fare:
Announcing! The birth of our newest grandbaby – Veronica Karen, born January 13, 2014, and weighing in at a romping seven pounds, four ounces. Born to our daughter Mary Elizabeth and husband Brent, she arrived with a full head of dark brown hair – “almost long enough for clips” as her mother describes her. At first glance she had features very similar to her big brother Patrick (8), but by Day two, the shape of her head, delicate nose and rosebud lips appear similar to her big sister Bernadette (16 months).

So, who does she look like? “She’ll look like herself,” as my mother-in-law would wisely say. And so she will. After all, God designed each and every ‘little one” (Fetus: in Latin) as unique and unrepeatable.

Baby Veronica is now at home and it’s fun to live close by and see this growing family play “musical places” as they all re-adjust to the new baby. As Mary and Brent try to catch an afternoon nap or even a quick wink to make up for the middle-of-the night feedings, young Patrick, who was initially hoping for a boy, has quickly risen to the larger roll of Big Brother to two sisters, and has become his mother’s helper and “fetcher” when a diaper wipe, or “diversion” for Bernadette is needed.

As for Bernadette, who is ever the whirlwind of activity with a captivating personality all her own, it appears as if she is still trying to figure out if Baby Veronica is “here to stay” or just a temporary disruption. Time will tell!

The fan-fare created by this newest arrival, has spilled over to family, friends and neighbors alike. On just one afternoon when I was there helping out so Mary could catch a nap and Brent could run errands, there was no less than three visitors – dropping off baby gifts, baked goods, and a hotdish. Aren’t family and friends wonderful? What better way to show support to new parents and welcome a new baby!

I marvel at today’s young parents, many of whom have their own little ones under foot, yet seem to drop everything to offer a dinner or something special, to help ease new parents through those first sleepless days.
Soon to come will be Veronica Karen’s Baptismal day when she becomes a member of the Body of Christ and child of God. We can’t wait! This calls for a special celebration – something the Kuharskis relish.

I can’t help compare this “Fan-Fare-New-Baby-Welcoming”, to the anti-child mindset that dominates today’s culture. There is no denying the pessimism that attempts to rob the very joy of the birth of a new baby. Young couples, and even grandparents, face intimidating remarks questioning the very “wantedness” or worth of a child.
“Was it planned?” “Weren’t you using anything?” Isn’t this about enough for you?” More hurtful yet, is when the negativity comes from friends or loved ones.

Even this proud grandmother of “many” felt the hurt when an acquaintance remarked, “What! Another baby? Well, it must be old hat to you with your big family. Can you even tell them apart?”
As if we were talking about kittens or goldfish.
Never mind what I wanted to respond, I simply smiled and said, “Does a Master Gardener ever have too many flowers?”

We live in a topsy-turvy world, where animals and the environment evoke a greater concern and protection than human life. Consider the woman who recently received a heavy fine and “one month in jail,” in addition to losing her license to run an animal shelter, after being caught drowning a few young puppies.

While I don’t condone the killing of puppies, what about a culture that legally protects and financially rewards abortionists who routinely rip to shreds a living, breathing, developing defenseless baby in the womb?
And what of the callousness that grips the very soul of our nation after 41 years of legal abortion and over 60 million unborn babies destroyed? Almost too unfathomable to imagine.

A recent caller to PROLIFE Across AMERICA’s 800# hotline inquired in a matter-of-fact tone, “Is it too late to have an abortion if I can already feel the baby moving?”

She wanted the abortion, even though she knew it was a “baby” (her own words) and had already felt movement. How desensitized have we become as a nation?

Even our current President saw fit to address a recent Planned Parenthood gathering and ended his message with “God bless Planned Parenthood.”

God bless the largest abortion establishment in the world? This, from our very President, who should instead, be doing all in his power to encourage parenthood and a growing citizenry that will ensure America’s future.
A few recent headlines reflect the growing skepticism toward marriage, family, and children:
“More Married women in the U.S. not having kids” Los Angeles Times, 12/9/13
“Population Growth Slows to Snail’s Pace” – slowest since the Great Depression, according to demographers of the Brookings Institute. Wall Street Journal, 12/31/13
“Our Biggest Menace? Demise of the family”. Mpls Star-Trib Op Ed 1/25/14

A Topsy-turvy World indeed. My best advice is “Pay no attention to the negative!” As people of faith, God gives us the grace to live Counter Culture. We are to be people of Joy because we know where we came from and where we’re going – and it all begins with Baptism when we become members of God’s family.

We may not change our culture – but we can live as people of joy and guess what? Joy is “contagious!” Nothing spreads quicker than love, goodness and joy.

So for little Veronica and all those little ones like her, let us embrace them and celebrate the gift God designed them to be – unique and unrepeatable! What little ones have brought JOY to your life?