The more billboards – the more people reached!

It’s proven and it works. Best of all, babies’ lives are being saved!

“I thought you should know, your billboard saved a baby’s life! A mother came in and asked for help after seeing your ad and realizing her baby already had a beating heart!” – Pregnancy Center Counselor, Marshall, TX

“I used to be pro-choice until I saw your billboard. I didn’t know a baby had a heartbeat as early as 18 days. I’ll never say I’m pro-choice again!” -Columbus, OH

“Your billboard hit me right between the eyes. I never thought about adoption. It’s an answer for me and an answer for the baby!” – Minnesota caller

“I couldn’t go through with my abortion after I saw your ad. I had no idea the baby was so developed.” – St. Louis, MO

“I think you should know your billboard is the reason I cancelled my abortion.” -Ann

“I couldn’t go through with my abortion after I saw that ad. I never knew the baby’s heart was beating at 18 days.” -Melanie, OH

I had 2 abortions, they told me it was just tissue…” Read Jane’s Story

I’m 11 weeks pregnant & single, it would just be easier to have an abortion but I want to know all my options…” Read Nancy’s Story

“In talking with a good friend about which charitable organizations to donate to as a thanks for all that God has given us, we decided that PROLIFE Across AMERICA is a win-win on all accounts:
  •  PROLIFE Across AMERICA puts human life first and foremost – not animals, not the environment. As long as we choose to end the life of the innocent, all other causes are of little value. We must first choose and value human life. Then we can spend time and money working for other things. And possible, if we as a society chose to value life first and foremost, tragic shootings (like the school shooting in Conn) would never happen.
  • PROLIFE Across AMERICA helps the totally innocent. They help the mother keep from making the biggest mistake she will ever make in her life and helps a mother heal from the mistake she made.
  • PROLIFE Across AMERICA helps those hurt by abortion find healing resources – whether it’s the mother, father, family or friend.
 And so little money is used for administration. So keep up the excellent and most important work!” (S.S. from Wisconsin)
“I’m sending a photo of my grandchild. You can show others if you wish. It’s a small way of saying “thank you” for those billboards. My grandson is here today because my daughter saw those ads and made the decision for life” (Minnesota)

2011TKThinking“Thanks for what you are doing for the babies and others. I know God forgives me for the two previous lives I took, but I still live with such terrible regret. Thank you for what you are doing to help others.” (Wisconsin)

“I’m looking at my little one year old son and I had to call you. I found your yellow Facts Card in the ladies room of a restaurant and after reading it I couldn’t go through with an abortion. Thank you for what you do.” (S. Dakota)

“We couldn’t believe it when we read your Billboard about a Baby with Down Syndrome being “blessing.” We actually turned the car around and drove by it a second time. We have a little girl with Downs and you are right – she is the greatest blessing in our lives. Thank you!” Denver, CO

“When I was 33, my mother shared with me that she changed her mind to abort me and decided to give me birth. Little did she know, it would be me who would take care of her after my father died, until the end of her life. God bless your mission.” Canyon Lake, TX

“Your Billboards ARE changing minds and hearts – and saving babies every day! I look forward to seeing your Father’s Campaign. God bless you!” Kennesaw, Ga

“By the grace of God and her family support, a young unmarried girl gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy – our first great-great grand baby. Life is good.” Greenville, OH

“Once again on our trip back to Florida, we were greeted with numerous PROLIFE Across AMERICA Billboards. We need those to counteract the “adult only” and “bare all” ads that are out there. What a great eyewitness. We can save one baby at a time.” Long Lake, MN

“I am a nurse and work in a clinic. I have posted your ad “We all start small” which I took off of one of your flyers. Where can I get a new copy? So many times I have been asked to make copies for someone who comes in for help – it tells the story without preaching!” Cincinnati, OH

“In my opinion this challenge is best served with your campaigns, which reaches not only “the choir” but everyone who rides the roads. Thank you for this educational opportunity to reach thousands.” Seabrook Island, SC

What Other Pro-Life Leaders Say About PROLIFE Across AMERICA

The efforts of PROLIFE Across AMERICA are having a visible effect. “Visible” because you are keeping the message with the facts of life right where they should be! You’re making a wonderful difference!” Will Cossairt, Executive Director, Total Life Clinics
“Thank you for your letter of April 7, 2009, with which you forwarded to me color copies of the newest billboard designs. My compliments on the creative, attractive and incisive new posters. Be assured of my prayers that the billboards will inspire those persons who see them to a greater respect for all human life, especially the life of the innocent and defenseless unborn.
Yours devotedly in Christ,”
(Most Rev.) Raymond L. Burke, Prefect
Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura

“In conclusion, I want to thank Mary Ann Kuharski and all the members of PROLIFE Across AMERICA for the good work you are doing to promote the cause of life. You are not only “The Billboard and Radio-ad People” advertising your Pro-Life message across the highways and radio waves of this nation, but you offer alternatives to those seeking abortion as well as post-abortion assistance by connecting such persons to your 800# hotline. Yours is an apostolate that is truly making a difference and I congratulate you on the wonderful success you have achieved. Hopefully, the support you generate here tonight will allow you to continue this terribly important work.” Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt, Archbishop Archdiocese of Saint Paul/Minneapolis MN.

“There is no doubt in my mind that there are many babies alive today because their mothers saw a PROLIFE Across AMERICA billboard or ad and took the next step to carry to term rather than aborting.” Rosemary Rockwell, Past President, Minneapolis Birthright.

“PROLIFE Across AMERICA has gone nationwide with their billboards. As I was returning from Oklahoma, I saw a billboard in Kansas. That was a great feeling. It’s a great feeling to know that we Knights helped give a start to PROLIFE Across AMERICA and that they have progressed so far. The billboards are a great educational tool that keeps the alternatives before the public eye.” Matt Brletich, Knights of Columbus, Past Minnesota State Deputy

“Thanks so much for all of your help. The problem with being such a good resource is that people actually need your help! You really have helped us to get our feet off the ground. Thanks for ALL you do for the babies.” Susan Abdalla, Pro-life Wisconsin

“We love your new billboard design. We’re with you all the way!” Matt and Georgine Ulrich, Directors, Prolife Washington

“Thank you for the information. We were very impressed with your material and your success in getting the pro-life message out.” Margaret & Mark Roy, Merrimack, New Hampshire

“The power of God has made your ministry what it is today and it is clear that your efforts are bearing fruit in His kingdom.” Judie Brown, President, American Life League, Inc.

“I consider it a real privilege and blessing to know you and count you among my friends in this movement. We at my office have always expressed “awe” regarding your strength and commitment to children.” Denise F. Cocciolone, President, National Life Center, Inc.

“Our members have expressed admiration for your billboards which so engagingly present the message of God’s love for those defenseless ones. In the name of Christ, the Savior, we extend our encouragement to your ministry.” Lutherans for Life, Winona, Minnesota

“What you’re doing is so important. Your work is great and I’d like to get the message out to many more people. Our mailing list goes to all states and 60 foreign countries.” Jan Smith, Family Resources Center, Peoria, Illinois.

“Prolife Minnesota (now PROLIFE Across AMERICA) early ads were simple affairs, but today’s campaigns sport full-color photos of cute children, along with slogans that pound home the pro-life message . . . anecdotal evidence suggests that the billboards are making a tremendous difference.” Minnesota Christian Chronicle

“Kuharski will continue to expand the billboards, radio, TV, and newspaper advertising. ‘The more ads we have out, the more responses we get,’ she says.” Catholic Aid Association News

“We have done extensive research and have consulted with Mary Ann Kuharski of PROLIFE Across AMERICA … known as “the Billboard People.” Joe Schiedler, Pro-life Action League News, Chicago, Illinois.

“A teenage girl in Duluth, Minnesota, was scheduled to have an abortion when she drove by a billboard that read, ‘A baby is a baby, is a baby – Rescue me!’ She pulled off the road and cried. She called the hotline number on the board and received the help she needed to give her baby life. Babies are alive today because of billboards sponsored by Prolife Minnesota (expanded to PROLIFE Across AMERICA).” Celebrate Life