A Rootless, Rudderless, Valueless Society Breeds Lawlessness & Contempt for Life!

city_that_forgot_christmasOne of our children’s favorite storybooks, and now a favorite of our grandchildren, is The City that Forgot about Christmas. The story begins with a town full of people who are fighting, squabbling, and bitter. They have no faith, so no one celebrates the birth of Christ or Christmas. Until, that is, an old man named Matthew (perhaps an Angel in disguise) arrives in town and begins to win the trust and hearts of the residents with his kindness and love.

All the while Matthew is helping the people in varied ways, he is teaching them about the coming of Christ and preparing them for Christmas day. Soon the town folk become transformed from one of selfishness, hatred and hostility to gentleness, generosity and love, as they eagerly prepare for Christ and Christmas Day.

It may sound simplistic, but I believe that much like the townspeople in the children’s storybook, America has become a nation that has forgotten about God.

The recent school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut which took the lives of seven adults and twenty young children, is but one tragic example.

The shootings took place just days before Christmas. Imagine. There surely must have been a heightened excitement and light-heartedness in the air as the youngsters, five, six, and seven year-olds, began their school day. Were there drawings on the walls? Was there a Christmas tree in the classroom or songs the children had been practicing for a special Holiday program? We may never know.

What we do know is that a disturbed 20-year old man shot his own mother as she lay in bed, and then broke into the school building at the beginning of their day, and gunned down as many children and adults as he could before turning the gun on himself and ending his own life.

What would prompt such a senseless killing spree? And, what can we do as a civilized society to prevent this – or anything like it – from ever happening again? The secular media and many public officials from the President on down, are calling for gun control and new legislation, as the “solution.”

I’m not a gun advocate. We don’t own one or have one in the house, but when someone intends to commit a violent act, most any weapon, be it guns, knives, rope, box cutters or just plain hands around a throat becomes a “weapon of choice.”

In this mom’s view, it’s not an issue of “gun control” – but “self-control”. More than that, we need to instill a sense of “self-purpose” – something that tells us from within that we were created by a loving God, and that we are of value and so is every other person on the face of the earth – just because they exist. It’s called reverence for life.

We talk of banning guns, but no one says a word about censoring the violent movies, videos, not to mention the hand-held “games” or the graphically brutal music that “entertains” our children from their earliest memories.

Kids today are surrounded by violence, pornography – now called “soft porn” – so routinely portrayed in films and television, it hardly raises an objection. And what of a music industry that routinely raps out songs of rape and carnage – winning not censorship but awards and fame. Sadly, our kids want to dress like them and be like them.

In shopping for my grandchildren this Christmas, I saw department stores with racks of Tee-shirts, blue jeans, stocking caps, hoodies and even school lunch boxes proudly displaying gothic symbols of death and skull and crossbones insignias.

Is it any surprise to learn the Newtown killer was addicted to violent games, was involved in devil worship and had an online page “dedicated to Satan”?

Everyone has a deep desire to believe and to belong to someone or some thing. If not God – then who or what do they worship and believe in? Obviously the young killer, unstable as he was, had the same desire to believe and belong.

Bishop Fulton Sheen once said, “Why is it that the world has confessed its inability to inculcate virtue in the young? Very simply because it has not correlated morality to any love nobler than self-love.”

Governor Mike Huckabee, recently said, “This nation walked away from God decades ago. We told him we don’t need him or his Commandments.”
The Governor is right. For over a century American children began each school day with prayer. The first American books and primers were full of references to God. Our children learned the Ten Commandments and were taught to live by the Golden Rule. Our forefathers believed that Christian principals made for good government and righteous people.

America was founded as a Christian, God-centered nation. We even designated a national holiday to give “thanks” to the Almighty for the blessings bestowed upon our land. We prospered as a country and a people for nearly 200 years because we recognized that all was “gift” from a gracious loving God.
Today’s progressive society, however, forbids God in the classroom, on the field, and even in commencement speeches. The Ten Commandments, once universally honored, are now banned from schools and most public institutions.

When youngsters are raised without a moral compass or principals, they become hedonistic, self-centered and “values free.” We have become a people fixated on self-indulgence and having it “our way.” Truly, America has lost its way.

Death hovers over our entire nation. Killing for convenience is so common place the President and an entire political party recently won election on the notion that “unwanted babies” could and should be terminated. In fact, the government will pay for it, and will go so far as to violate the conscience of even religious institutions to mandate insurance coverage of the barbaric practice of abortion, re-defined as “women’s health issues.”
Over 1.3 million babies are killed by legal abortion every year, since the January 22nd, 1973, Supreme Court Decision, struck down the laws in all 50 states, legalizing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

Some babies are so tiny, they can be held between two fingers. Others nearing full-term, could be cradled in your arms. All experience the same fate. They are cut out, scraped out, dismembered, burned out, or smothered post-delivery. Their only crime was being “unwanted.”

Think this attitude of terminating “unwanted” babies is lost on the children growing up in society today? Think it doesn’t create a little edginess, to know that every year millions – just like them – are systematically hacked to pieces at some of the finest state-of-the-art hospitals in the nation just because they are inconvenient or imperfect, or unwanted?

Little wonder that Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said, “America is the poorest of nations because they do not care for the child in the womb.” Sadly, there is no such thing in America as “reverence for life”. A baby is not a gift from God, but is only meaningful if he or she is “wanted”.

If we want to see an end to the “surprise” massacres, we as a people need to run to our churches, get on our knees and beg God’s forgiveness for “walking away” from Him and His Commandments. We need to let our children see what and Who we reverence, and a good beginning is to “keep Holy the Sabbath.” When they see us on our knees in prayer, it will become a primary focus for them as well.

Let us begin today, each in our own small way, to invite God into our hearts, our homes, and yes, even our workplace. Our quiet witness of Faith can have a ripple effect –replacing self-centeredness with a sense of worship and reverence for God, and for the greatest of His gifts – human life.
America today has become a rootless, rudderless, ruthless society and until we bring God back to our nation, and restore laws that protect all human beings, born and unborn, no one will ever really be safe.


Mary Ann Kuharski is a mother of 13, 6 of whom were adopted and are of mixed races, some with special needs. She is an author and the Director of PROLIFE Across AMERICA, known as “the billboard people”. Learn more at prolifeacrossamerica.org or become a fan: facebook.com/prolifeacrossamerica.