Dear Friends,
We did it! Thanks to Your prayers and support we reached our 2013 Goal of 7,000 Billboards in 40 states! thermometer-burst-webThis is a FIRST and we are so delighted! Why the push for so many Billboards? Because the more ads that are out there – the more people reached and babies’ lives saved!

Since 1989, our Media Mission has consistently operated as a “no frills” outreach offering alternatives and assistance. (I receive no salary and our dedicated staff work many hours for the small compensation they receive). Thus, 94¢ of every dollar you donate goes directly to our educational effort.

Here is what You helped make possible in 2013:
• Thousands of viewers across the nation saw our life-saving messages.
• Many for the FIRST time realized, as one caller said, “I had no idea a baby’s heart beat just 18 days from conception.”
• Another caller questioned our stats and then said, “Wow! A baby can smile before birth? I learned something today!”
• Best of all are the hundreds of calls seeking pregnancy services, confidential counseling, or post-abortion assistance. Many confide, “I didn’t know where to go until I saw your ad.”

Our Goal in 2014 is 7,500 Billboards – only possible with YOUR help. Billboards range in price from $600 to $3,500 each. Yet, babies are alive today because of our ads and 800# Hotline. It is costly – but it works! No donation is too small. Donate today!

Thank you for your support!

Mary Ann Kuharski